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Strickland’s Actions Address Poverty

June 6, 2021

The other Washington doesn’t often get a great rap for changing people’s lives, but it’s worth taking a second look. Recent changes in the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit passed by Congress are going to cut in half the rate of U.S. child poverty this year.

How did such a monumental success come about? As a 30+-year volunteer lobbyist working for the end of poverty, I’ve learned that some of the most powerful lobbyists in D.C. are members of Congress themselves. 

Washington’s 10th District Rep. Marilyn Strickland has taken this practice to heart. She’s sensitive to the challenges people experiencing poverty are facing. Our local RESULTS group has been working with her office to address underlying issues of poverty that continue to rob families and communities of a bright future.

This spring, Rep. Strickland signed onto three lobbying letters (“Dear Colleague” letters) in support of global nutrition, education, and the elimination of tuberculosis. These letters help determine where our foreign aid money goes, and where the U.S. commits funds, other Global North countries typically follow.

These seemingly small actions will have results around the world that we will never see: children and parents receiving food, walking into schools where there are teachers and books, and receiving primary health care such as vaccines.

This year has been devastating for people living in poverty — here and globally. The actions our leaders take have enormous consequences. Thank you, Rep. Strickland, for all the ways you are using your power for good.

Carolyn Prouty, Elma